Lynchburg Equestrian NCEA Frequently Asked Questions...


1.     Why did Lynchburg add an NCEA competition to it’s riding program?

Lynchburg is dedicated to providing many opportunities for riders of all levels. Our riding program and IHSA team encourage all levels of riders to participate and compete. Lynchburg wanted to offer another competitive opportunity for upper level riders in addition to the IHSA team.


2.     Who will Lynchburg compete against?

NCEA is currently considered an “emerging sport” by the NCAA. Lynchburg as a Division III school will have the opportunity to compete against Division I, II, and III schools. These schools include Auburn University, Baylor University, Delaware State University, Fresno State, The University of Georgia, Sweet Briar College, the University of South Carolina, South Dakota State, Southern Methodist University, University of Tennessee Martin, Texas Christian University, and Texas A&M University.


3.      Do you offer scholarships?

Lynchburg will remain a Division III school and will be unable to offer athletic scholarships. However, we offer a very competitive financial aid package to incoming students - with 100% of students receiving some sort of financial aid towards college and the average financial aid package being around $32,700.


4. When will Lynchburg be eligible to compete in the NCEA National Championships?

Lynchburg will use the 2018-19 academic year as a scrimmage season and will schedule as many as 5 contests with current NCEA members.  Lynchburg is expected to be eligible the following academic year for the NCEA National Championships in Waco, Texas.


5. Will Lynchburg still offer an IHSA team? What about an ODAC team?

Yes. Lynchburg sees the IHSA team as an invaluable part of their equestrian program. The IHSA encourages all levels of collegiate riders to participate and compete in the riding program. For the 2018-19 academic year, riders will have the opportunity to ride in both the NCEA and IHSA. Beyond 2018-19, riders could compete on either team but not both.

The Old Dominion Athletic Conference (ODAC) Championship is another important part in Lynchburg Equestrian’s program. We will continue to compete in this Division III championship event.