Jessie is a former IHSA team captian and currently works as an administrative assistant in Charlottesville. She has been involved with horses for about 18 years and has worked previously as a groom for an accomplished show barn in the New England area.  Jessie continues taking riding lessons every week and currently lives with a former teammate!

Jessie Burgett '17

Favorite part of being on the IHSA team? I think my favorite part was being involved in the close-knit and dedicated Lynchburg athletic community. The student athlete experience at Lynchburg is so rewarding and unique, like being able to have one-on-one discussions with the Director of Athletics and having equestrian-oriented workouts with the strength and conditioning coach. It was really cool to be a part of a group of people who are always cheering each other on to do their best.

What is your most embarrassing riding moment? Although it wasn't at Lynchburg, I think my most embarrassing moment was at a horse show and the horse I was riding was being a little fresh. He eventually got me off and I was so mad that I jumped up, started screaming at the horse, got a leg back up from my dad, and continued to go galloping around the schooling ring with tears streaming down my face. So embarrassing in retrospect but at least I can laugh about it now!

What horse related success are you most proud of? I think my proudest riding moment, at least during college, was qualifying for regionals during my junior year. I went to my last regular season show knowing I had to win both of my classes to qualify, so I was so nervous. I ended up riding so well that day, won both of my classes, qualified for regionals, and was high point rider of the day!

What is your favorite memory from LC? If I had to pick, I think I would say my graduating year's senior week. Having that time before graduation for us to be together without any school work or stress before he had to say goodbye to eachother and to Lynchburg was just an awesome way to wrap up our undergraduate years together.

What was your favorite tradition at LC? I would probably say the Lynchburg Sports Awards (although it changed during the years I was there). It's such fun opportunity to bring the entire athletic community together and celebrate everyone's accomplishments during the year.