Erin was the IHSA team captain her junior and senior year. After graduating, Erin took a year and spent it training under Patty Stovel with her 8-year old warmblood. Together they were circuit champions in Culpeper, Saugerties and Ocala in the adult equitation. She always prides LC's training for the great year! Currently she and her family own and operate Hidden Farm Hunters which is a private training and sales barn in Pennsylvania. Her focus is spent on breaking and training young hunters for the show ring. In the summers she runs a camp for their boarders. Erin also teaches Kindergarden in her hometown's school district.

Erin Skog '08

Favorite part of being on the IHSA team? I loved riding for a team. Usually horse showing is just you and your horse against all the other competitors. Being a part of a team was fun and rewarding!

What is your most embarrassing riding moment? I work with a lot of baby and young horses that are unpredictable. My local horse community is supportive and understanding of the process it takes to get young horses showing well!! If my horse is being silly I just work through it the best I can and try again other day.

What horse related success are you most proud of? I love showing at the Devon Horse Show. It's right down the road from me but it's probably the oldest most traditional horse show in the country. In the year 2000, my three sisters and I won the family class at night under the lights. More recently, my 4yr old took home 5th out of 34 horses in the young hunter undersaddle. I was super proud of her!