Keely currently works as an Executive Assistant for a startup e-commerce company in New York City where she resides with her adopted schnorkie puppy, Quinn! She has been involved in the horse industry for 18 years and actively volunteers at Mane Stream Therapeutic Riding in NJ. While at LC, she loved constantly running into familiar faces around campus.

Keely Wilson '15

Favorite part of being on the IHSA team? My favorite memories were the times that we were able to get dinner after team practices and sitting together at the shows cheering on our teammates!

What was your favorite tradition at LC? My favorite tradition at LC was all of the wonderful recognition that the college gave to our athletic program through Hornet of the week and dinners with the President.

What is your most embarrassing riding moment? My most embarrassing riding moment happened while I was actually not on a horse. I was assisting one of the coaches in a practice and was showing their students the course on foot. When I jumped over one of the jumps on foot, I tripped and face-planted right into the dirt.

What horse related success are you most proud of? My proudest horse related moment was when I was in middle school and qualified for regionals. My horse and I were ranked very high at the time and I worked really hard to get us there.