Erica Koch '97

Erica graduated with a degree in Biology and currently owns her own equine ambulatory practice based in New England called Wentworth Equine Veterinary Services. She rode on the IHSA team and loved it, meeting some of her life-long best friends! Erica is a firm believer that the riding team and program is an invaluable outlet for students to de-stress, get out in the fresh air and exercise, meet fellow riders and have fun!

What horse-related success are you most proud of? Winning the Myopia Hunter Derby in 2016 and the NH Adult Equitation Medal Finals also 2016. I still got it!

What is your most embarrassing riding moment? Walking into the wrong class at a show and not realizing I was in with the juniors until the ring master asked me if she thought I was supposed to be in that class.

What is your favorite memory from LC? Riding with friends out in the fields. JT Tallon and his funny antics that used to make us laugh.