Allie Renzulli '14

After graduation, Allie worked full-time at Ballyclare Farm OTTB's which was a rehabbing and retraining barn for off-the-track thoroughbreds as well as a boarding barn. Currently, she works full-time in accounting while also taking care of her own OTTB's which she got from Ballyclare.

What is your most embarrassing riding moment? I have had plenty of embarrassing falls that I could mention haha. I remember specifically telling my coach “it’s been so long since I’ve fallen off” and that day like clockwork I fell off. Luckily I didn’t get hurt, but it didn’t felt like I jinxed myself.

What was your favorite part of being on the IHSA team?

It was a really great group to be a part of. We had so much fun as a team and shared a great love for the sport. It was nice to have something outside of academics to work hard for.

What horse related success are you most proud of? Working at Ballyclare was one of my favorite successes. Getting to bring in racehorses that no longer have a future in racing and helping them onto a new career with great homes was so rewarding. I learned so much there about the behind the scenes work that I wouldn’t give up for the world. It gave me a lot more confidence about my knowledge to care for the animals and getting to ride so many horses that were so different was probably one of my best learning experiences. Now I have two of my own that I love.

What is your favorite memory from LC? ODACs my senior year was definitely one of my favorites. Accounting was a tough major so I loved going to practices after a long day of classes to unwind. We worked hard that year for ODACs and it was a really fun experience.