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Lynchburg equestrian program

Our riding program allows students to continue the pursuit of excellence as they partner with an amazing group of horses, led by a world class staff, on a journey to find the  perfect harmony between horse and rider.

University of Lynchburg has a proud history of serving the needs of students from Central Virginia, the Mid-Atlantic and currently has students from across the country and five continents.

We are proud to announce expanded opportunities for our students to pursue their equestrian hopes and dreams.

We will provide a variety of opportunities including NCEA, IHSA, ANRC, Lessons, Shows and recreational riding. 

 we anticipate the following:

- NCEA Team

- IHSA Team

- ANRC Teams

- Lesson package

- Show package

- Camps, clinics and enrichment opportunities

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The Student Experience 

“The opportunity to ride in college has meant feeling more involved in campus than I ever imagined. Being a student athlete is an experience I would not trade for the world.I have met fantastic friends through the team and despite the hard work, its the best decision I ever made.”

                                                                              Christina Antonucci  '18